Jennifer A Murphy

Ceramic Artist


Jennifer A Murphy is a ceramic artist who spent her childhood playing in the mud, mushing Play-doh, and making modeling clay ladybugs. She is currently continuing her pursuit of all things mushy and malleable by working her way toward a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in ceramics at the University of Wisconsin in Superior. She sees Master of Fine Arts in her future.
Jennifer can think of no better way to spend the day than with her hands in the clay, creating beautiful, intriguing, and unusual specimens. Her fascination with texture, movement and form keeps her busy in the studio all hours of the day. She hopes her work will captivate and bring joy to whomever looks upon it.



I am a ceramic artist who revels in creating various specimens of clay creatures with form, motion, texture and levity. Nature is my muse, and I am inspired by animals and plants found in water, on land, and from the imagination. My specimens are the product of my interest in textures created by nature, and how they play off of and harmonize with one another.
By combining wheel thrown objects with hand building, I turn ordinary stoneware forms into strange and fascinating sculptures. Incorporating traditional ceramic glaze and non-traditional materials to finish my works, I treat each sculpture as a three dimensional canvas.